Love socialising and dining with friends; enjoys golf and rugby enthusiast; regularly wears numbers on his clothes!
Principal Bible Teacher::
Loves cricket, supports Fulham football club; favourite film is Field of Dreams; knowledgable about music from the 70s and 80s
Programme Leader:
Enjoys Country music and Sci-Fi; loves action packed Marvel films; featuring costumed crusaders fighting for justice.


There is one eternal God
who is the source of everything that is, and who loves all people and all creation passionately. God’s existence is in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Jesus is the Son of God, the exact representation of God’s character. He came to earth by virgin birth, and lived a fully human life in which his relationship with God was never broken. He died on the cross to pay the penalty for the sins of all people, and in rising from the dead ushered in a new age of salvation, justice and peace for those who follow Him, where the broken relationships caused by disobedience and selfishness are restored.

The life of Jesus is the pattern for our life today and we are to be His followers. It is through Him that we interpret all things. He is now in heaven but will return to bring to completion this age, at which time He will righteously judge all things.

God gives the best to us and sees the best in us despite our weaknesses and failings. The Father has not left us alone, but has sent His Holy Spirit who continues to reveal God to us, equip us with gifts and empower us to live as Jesus lived.
The Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word to us. In it we can identify and learn about God’s character and receive wisdom, direction, and encouragement for all areas of our life.

God blessed and started a relationship of love with people and creation, in which everyone stood before Him equally and without division or prejudice.The disobedience of man caused a complete breakdown of relationship between God and human kind, between individuals and nations, and between human kind and the environment.   Death, oppression, injustice and pain were, and continue to be, the result.

This salvation is received through hearing the call of God in Jesus, accepting that we are part of the problem, receiving forgiveness through the saving work of Jesus, and living a new life, of obedience and dependence upon God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Believer’s Baptism is a sign of this salvation and obedience.
The church is a body of people who have received God’s salvation and are called to live, demonstrate and proclaim the values of God’s kingdom, salvation, the keeping of promises, justice and peace for all humankind   All individuals within the church are personally responsible for repenting and surrendering their lives to God so that they are changed and become more like Jesus. The true church is the community of believers around the world who worship, serve God and love one another and God’s creation in Jesus’ name.  Age, gender, nationality, social background and denomination are no barrier to membership. This truth is joyful, glorious, and worth celebrating. Creativity, freedom of expression, and discipline, therefore, characterise our life together.