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We endeavour to bring hope to Wokingham through Partnering with and directing people to various community support projects in our area! 
If you are in need of a helping hand in any of the areas below then please get in contact!
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The CAP Money Course

The CAP Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works.
This course will help anyone to get more control of their finances, so they can save, give and prevent debt. We partner with Christians Against Poverty ( who pioneered this initiative and regularly run the course at the church. If you would like to find out more please contact Tim Randall via

Wokingham Foodbank

We are one of many local churches and other organisations who partner together to provide emergency food for local families in crisis through the Wokingham foodbank. If you are in need of help or would like to know how you can get involved please visit the website for the foodbank at
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Divorce Recovery Workshop

Divorce Recovery Workshop is an experienced, self-funding, voluntary organisation run by those who have themselves experienced a marriage or relationship breakdown and workshops are suitable for anyone of any age, at any stage of separation or divorce.
The workshops deal specifically with helping people come to terms with the issues being faced. This is accomplished using video material which provides a constructive focus, and small group sessions that offer a safe and secure environment in which to discuss and understand personal feelings.
For more information please visit:
or for local contact call 0118 9792770

First Days

First Days is growing local charity which helps families who are struggling to provide all the things they need for their young children. They collect donated clothes, equipment, furniture and toys and pass them on to families in need via referral from professionals.
First Days believe that every child deserves the same start in life and parents should be reassured that they are not alone when facing financially difficult times – They aim to show families love and kindness by giving them great quality things for their children.
If you are in need of support, or you know someone else who is, then please get in touch!
For more information visit the First Days website

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry can help you to work through difficult experiences, circumstances or things that seem to prevent you from reaching your full potential in God.
You will meet with two people from the team who will facilitate encounters with God. The sessions will involve talking, listening and praying with you. Advice may be given and tools suggested to better equip you and empower you to deal with obstacles that you face in your walk with God. But most importantly God will be invited to come and meet you where you are at and bring healing into the areas of brokenness. If necessary additional appointments can be arranged after discussion.
You can apply for Prayer Ministry by filling in your name & contact number in the box below. Once received, a short application form will be sent to you to complete. Time and venue will be arranged with your prayer team. Please bring your application form with you.

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Faith in the Community

We partner with “Faith in the Community” (FitC) who work to encourage Christians across Wokingham Borough to engage with their local communities. FitC supports local Christians with a dream or vision by offering advice, encouragement and sometimes seed funding to make their dream a reality. Examples of projects which have received seed funding from FitC include The Link Visiting Scheme, XN Magazine and First Days. For more information please speak with Keith who is one of the Team members or go to the website

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