Kings Church Wokingham’s mission is to bring transformation to the people and communities that it touches through being genuine followers of Jesus.


Our culture:

  • Worship: Ministering to God through worship, prayer and recognising His presence.
  • Family: Building family-style culture of belonging that is accessible, honouring and empowering
  • Mission: Partnering with God to build His Kingdom through practical love and service, the power of the Holy Spirit and sharing the personal impact of Jesus in our lives.

Our priorities:

  • Our personal relationships with God, with each other and with our communities.
  • For each individual to reach their God-given potential.
  • To serve Wokingham and to love it well.
  • We value partnerships with churches across the UK and overseas.


We believe that:

  • God is perfectly holy, good, just, loving and faithful.
  • Salvation brought through Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross frees us from the power of death and sin.
  • The Bible is the inspired and only infallible and authoritative Word of God.
  • God equips every believer to make disciples, to proclaim His gospel and to continue the signs and wonders that followed Jesus.
  • The use of the gifts of the Spirit are to be actively encouraged in private and public use.
  • We are sons and daughters of the King, more than sinners saved by grace.
  • The ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers is given to equip the church.
  • We are engaged in a battle and that hardship and suffering are part of life.
  • God intervenes in daily life, challenging us to exercise faith and to move out of our comfort zone.
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