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Meeting weekly in person and online @10:30 am every Sunday

Kings Church Wokingham

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Kings Church Wokingham is a community of believers who desire to bring transformation to our community
through being genuine followers of Jesus.

No matter where you are in your journey, you’re invited to discover your purpose and live it out with us.

We have been serving in our community since 1988 and have become a home for many families in Wokingham


Sunday Services
Life Groups
Kings Kiddies
Prayer meeting
The Well
Worship Team

Sunday Services

Join us for coffee at 10.00am
Meeting - 10:30am (in person or online)

We meet in person at Kings Place, 9 Station Road, Wokingham, RG40 2AD.

We also offer the possibility for attending Sunday meetings via Zoom if people are unable to attend in person (contact for a link).

Our meetings are friendly and interactive with live worship, prayer, sharing and uplifting speakers. We meet before the service for coffee and prayer.

Kings Church Life Group

Life Groups

Meeting in homes around the Wokingham area
Life Groups are where we spend time like a family supporting each other in our daily lives and in impacting our community.

Smaller groups meet weekly and are more informal. Each group has its own personality and there are a range of activities. These can include time to share and pray for each other, worship, studying the Bible or a Christian book in more depth, or maybe watching a helpful video. We can share difficulties safely and care for each other when things are tough. Small groups refresh and equip us, encouraging us as we work out God’s purpose for our lives.

Kings Kiddies

Kings Kiddies provides a warm and friendly environment for children and families.
Support is important, so we have regular gatherings indoors or outside for you to join in. We also have a group on Facebook to share activities and support parents and carers.

These groups are open to everyone - you don’t have to be a member of our church to join us.

Join us on Mondays during term time 10.00am to 11.30 at Kings Place.

Prayer Meeting

Wednesday at 9:00am
Prayer Meetings are the powerhouse of any Church, and that's definitely true for Kings.

We meet regularly every Wednesday from 9am - 10am and we have many other special prayer times throughout the year.

On Wednesdays we meet both at Kings Place and via zoom. For those who cannot join us we also have a weekly email update detailing answers to prayer, things to be thankful for and things on our hearts to talk to God about. That way a much larger group can be part of our prayer time each week.

For more info or to be added to the group please contact Wendy Preston.

The Well

Wednesday 11.00am - 3.00pm

Join us to chat over coffee, help prepare soup, build relationships, or just sit quietly. It is a place just to be. There is also a market table at the end of the day where you can take whatever provisions are left at no cost.

Worship Team

Contact us to join our next rehearsal
Corporate worship has always been a priority for our time together at Kings Church Wokingham and our focus as a worship team is to worship God and to serve the church.

We continuously develop our contemporary worship teams, inclusive of age, talent and instrument and involve as wide a group as possible. We draw on the latest creative material as well as more established songs, and the team is encouraged to explore, develop and express aspects of worship through music and media.


We are proud to support these charities.
Along with the local charities below, we also support the Church and orphanage in Nepal and Vietnam.


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Kings Church Wokingham

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Kings Church Wokingham

Kings Church Wokingham

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Kings Church Wokingham

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Christen's exciting 😕 Jesus Centred teaching programme 🎉 -

Parking Information

We do not have our own parking facilities however there is plenty of free parking on a Sunday in the local area, see map below. Please note this only applies on a Sunday, during the week these areas have other restrictions.
KCW Church Address: 9 Station Rd, Wokingham, RG40 2AD

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